Obviously, I’m a little behind, but here are some of the pictures of Deacon the we took last week.  Jane and I quickly learned that we were no competition for Hudson, hence all the “gazing into the distance” posses.  Hard not to look when there’s a running, rock-throwing, roaring like a lion boy around!  (that’s Hudson, not Deacon)
When Jane was unloading some things from their car, she suddenly SCREAMED!  Now we all know how hard it is to make Jane scream, (ha ha) so I didn’t panic, but was rather curious what on earth had scared her.  Turns out that she had caught two frogs for the pictures, and one of the little fellows managed to get loose – in the car.  What we don’t go through for fun pictures.  Seriously though, we had a great time taking Deacons 1 year portraits!






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