kittys – a very long story

  As you all probably know, Hudson used to have two cats – Bo and Luke.  (after those Duke boys you know)  As you can tell, Luke was the obvious favorite.luke
  A couple months ago, Luke the first got hit on the road, and we promised Hudson that he could get a new kitty when it got nice outside, and we when we found someone giving kittens away.
  Well, Sunday evening we brought TWO kittens home from Lynn and Ronda’s.  Luke the second and Boss Hog.  We get home, and as Clint and I are in the house talking, Hudson comes in and announces, “Luke fell down and there’s blood on his nose.”  We go outside, and there is this precious little kitty laying motionless under our pine tree – dead, or almost dead.  And he hasn’t even been at our house for an hour!  I’m about in tears, because for some reason, I’ve decided that these kittens are at the same “kitty age” as Cline, and somehow, it makes me all emotional.  Clint obviously doesn’t get it, and is very frustrated with Hudson.  (poor guy!) 
  While Clint is outside taking care of the situation, (to put it nicely) Hudson and I are having a conversation like this:

Me – “Did you throw the kitty”
Hudson -“No”
 “Did you step on Luke?”
  “Did you hit him with a rock?” (I mean come on, they don’t just fall over dead, do they?)
 “Where did he fall from?”
  “From his legs”
  “Did you put him in the tree?”
  “No, he climbed up with his sharp things”
Well, we still haven’t figured out what happened…but by now I’m feeling VERY responsible for the little, helpless, remaining kitty.  Clint said he couldn’t spend the night in the house, so I made him a little bed in the garage.  (I know this isn’t at all like me, but I really was getting all sappy about the Cline/kitty thing – I even thought they had the same eyes!)
  I didn’t want Megan and William (these were their kittens) to feel sad, so I said, “Hudson, lets just not tell people that Luke died because it might make them sad.  Lets keep it a secret.” 
  That really made an impact of Hudson;  problem is, I don’t think he understands the meaning of the word, “secret.”  Hudson kept walking around and saying, “I have a secret, a BAD one.  Luke DIED.” (lots of emphasis and volume on the word died.)  Oh lands, this was going great…..
In the morning, little Boss Hog was crying and crying, so I fixed him milk, washed his eyes, and was carrying him around in my pocket.  I officially felt like I had another baby, and I’m convinced that he knew I was, uh, lactating, because  when I would put Boss Hog down, he’d chase after me on wobbly legs, and meow and meow, and try to climb up me!
  Tuesday morning, I couldn’t take his crying outside our door any more, so the boys and I made another kitty run to Ked and Joanne Gerber’s.  Big Surprise, Hudson named it Luke.  But the good new is, both kittens are now outside, in the kitty house. I might survive this whole ordeal yet!

4 thoughts on “kittys – a very long story

  1. Great story, Amy! You are right: this doesn’t quite sound like you…are you okay?

    Cute story, adorable pics (esp lower left picture)

    Good luck – hope little Luke can live longer than an hour!


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