an interview

blog-3Clint started asking Hudson some questions the other day at lunch, and I just had to run and get a pen and paper; it was just to priceless!

Clint:  What’s your favorite food?
Hudson:  “Pizza”
What’s your favorite dessert to eat?
   “But I didn’t get any!”
Who’s your favorite aunt?  (I know, very BAD question to ask – sorry!)
   “Ayanna, Kate, Tianne and Brooke”
What’s your favorite song?
   “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”
Who’s house do you like to go to?
What do you like to do outside?
   “catsy-daisy” (huh???)
Who’s your favorite Grandpa?  (I realize we’re walking on thin ice here….)
   “Grandpa Keith”
What’s your favorite color?
   “dark orange. Light orange is a GIRL color”
What’s your favorite movie?
   “Ice Age”
What’s your favorite vehicle?
   “Race Cars”
How old will you be when you get to drive a car?
How old is Grandma Moser?
What are your favorite shoes?
   “cowboy boot”
How old will you be when you’ll wear big boy undies to bed?
   “38, just like you!”
Where’s your favorite place to swim?
   “Bear Lake”
Who’s your favorite kitty?
   “Boss Hog”
What’s your favorite thing to do at home?
   “eat chocolate”

so funny!  And I just have to post a couple more pics of our very crazy little boy…this is what happens when mommy’s gone, and daddy’s babysitting…




And just one more; makes me dread the day when these boys turn 16…..please start praying now!


4 thoughts on “an interview

  1. Oh my-that is hilarious!! I can’t get over how much Hudson looks like clint! I am worried because Carter is driving with his eyes closed! Oh BOY! 🙂 Jane


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