Bible School – round one

  I just love it when Bible School rolls around.  It definitely snuck up on me this year, but I’m still really enjoying it. 
  On the first day, there were three very “lively” boy sitting together.  I noticed that they each had the same color name tag on, which means that they were all going to be in the same class.  (We break kindergarten down into four smaller groups) I quickly glanced down at my name tag to check which color I had….  Then one of the little boys looked up at me with a big smile and said, “We’re not allowed to sit beside each other in school, but we’re not in school anymore!”

Here’s pictures of half of our kindergarten class.  Seriously, some of these kids have the most GORGEOUS eyes!



And this year, we’re also doing silhouettes of each of the kids – such fun!



3 thoughts on “Bible School – round one

  1. I was so hoping you were going to post these, Amy!

    They are AMAZING!! Great work…I have lot’s of favorites! Can’t wait to see them in their frames!


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