wedding preview

    Taking wedding pictures is extremely exciting, scary, and nerve wracking all at once.  Take this past Saturday, for instance.  When you have a beautiful day, a beautiful bride, beautiful wedding outfits, (you get the idea here) if the pictures don’t turn out beautiful, there’s just one factor that could be to blame – me!  Now I don’t know about you, but that can tend to stress me out! 
   Well, things went great.  M&J were so easy to photograph, and such good sports. 

   “You want me to sit in the grass in my suit?  Sure!”
   “Oh, walk out in the grassy field, no problem.”
    “Hey Blake, can you try to chase the peacock into the picture – maybe make a little noise so that it will  open it’s tail.”   We didn’t have much luck with the peacock thing, but it wasn’t because Blake wasn’t trying 🙂

   Here’s a little look into their day – more to come……


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