write, don’t call…

   pronunciation: ˌla-rən-ˈjī-təs
a condition that often strikes quietly and unknowingly; often discovered first thing in the morning when a person tries to speak, and all that comes out are squeaks and croaks.

fat lip
pronunciation: ˈfat  ‘lip
A natural phenomena that occurs when a young boys head strikes his mothers mouth.  This very painful occurrence often results in strong irritation, sometimes anger

ex-treme thank-ful-ness
pronunciation:  ik-ˈstrēm  ˈthaŋk-fə-nessl
What a mother feels when her baby boy successfully digest, and then passes, a foreign object.  Extreme thankfulness occurs when the foreign object was a latex balloon, which was never known to be in the possession, much less the mouth, of the child.

Yes, these all are about me, and yes, it’s been a rough day

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