When that cat’s away…


  I’ve had these vintage shutters sitting in our garage since before C. was born, meaning to put them up in his room, but just never getting around to it.  
  Well, with it getting light so early, we’ve had towels (not very attractive, mind you) tacked over his windows to keep the room a little darker, thinking that this will help him sleep in, so I decided that it was high time to get these shutters in working order.  After a trip to Habeggers to get them trimmed to size, a trip to Lowes for the “perfect” paint color, a trip back to Habeggers for shims,  I was all set to go. 
  I put both boys to bed, and got started on the back side of the shutters, since I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted…..tried dry brushing…..it wasn’t bad….maybe if I rubbed them with steel wool……a little better maybe……yikes, Hudson’s up…….started on the front side – let it dry – didn’t like it…….maybe I’ll just paint them, and sand the edges down…….start painting again, oh rats, Cline’s awake!
  I set Cline behind me with a granola bar, and ask Hudson to maybe just talk to him, and try to keep him entertained.  Meanwhile, I quickly try to finish up.  
  I’m a very messy painter.  There’s paint on my arms, hands, knees, clothes, AND the garage door – oops, I’ll just touch that up latter.  I hear lots of noise behind me, but don’t let that distract me; I’m on a mission, and am not about to be side tracked.  Whew!  I’m done….ok boys,  what have you been up to?



  Just for the record, that’s banana granola bar all over Cline, not stinky, and on Hudson’s head – it’s a pirate hat of course!

   I’ll post pictures of Cline’s room, once we get it all together.

5 thoughts on “When that cat’s away…

  1. Funny story–great pictures–can’t wait to see Cline’s room done. I bet you are ready to see that too. I love Hudson’s hat. I love his creative eye!! julie 🙂


  2. wow amy…looking at cline made me gag! love the post and can’t wait to see the finished project. I finished “purple” room today!


  3. That is so funny-can’t wait to see the pics of Cline’s room. I drove by and saw the shutters leaning against the garage door and thought, “what is she up to now?!” 🙂


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