guess who’s turning one….


   This little fellow is a natural at picture taking.  He’s got the smile, the curls….you name it!  I had a very hard time picking my favorites to post, because there are just so many that are too cute;  that’s why I’ve posted practically a hundred 🙂






Due to a complicated set of events, Cline accompanied me on this session. (thanks for your understanding, Christen)  I optimistically thought that he would sit quietly in his stroller, and then, maybe after the session, I could get a few shots of him for his 9 month pics….hmmm, it was a nice thought…..


I guess I’ll get his 9 month pictures latter – ya can’t win them all 🙂

3 thoughts on “guess who’s turning one….

  1. So SO SO cute! Funny story, someone said the other day that they saw me walking with a balloon and camera (I thought…hm.. I will keep checking Amy’s blog!) Oh and FYI, one time I went down there where you shot those and the police showed up, guess its private property or something like that.


    1. I remember you saying that about the police stopping by when you were taking pics, so I’ve talked to the owner a couple times to get permission. Thanks for the heads up!


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