slowly catching up

    Here’s a glimpse into a couple sessions I did over the weekend.  And the two gorgeous senior gals I did will be coming up soon!

    First, there’s this very good looking family…..( I have to say that, because we’re related – like, in multiple ways! But they really are a great looking bunch )


Fiechter 3 


Fiechters 2

  And then I got to take pictures of this handsome fellow on Saturday…it was a treat, and we were able to try a new location – very fun!


  As a totally off the wall side note, if your family decides to draw names for Christmas in AUGUST, don’t just stick them in your back pocket and think that you’ll remember them.  And it’s really hard to read writing after it’s been washed and dried.

3 thoughts on “slowly catching up

  1. Thanks, Amy…the pictures were great and you chose basically the same ones I did. The more I look at the black and white one of Eli standing by the shed door, the more I love it! I had some pictures printed so the CD and prints are on their way to Laura and Correy…thanks again. It was fun! Becky


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