life at a frantic pace

  Nope, despite the rumors going around, I haven’t fallen off the end of the earth; we’ve just been busy – really busy – too busy. But busy with good things.  Wedding plans and making bridesmaid dresses for my sis, (be watching for her engagement pics, coming soon, awaiting Cory’s permission to post a couple) chicken BBQ, washing machine that died, (this was NOT a good thing, but I did get a new washer out of the deal) father/son camp out, and then we were so excited when one of my many sisters came with her three girls all the way from sunny Arizona for a visit. Yay!  We had such a great time together.   
  When JaNon’s home, there are always a flurry of family get-togethers, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it, so we practically move home to mom and dad’s again! 
  Today is my birthday, and last night, Clint and I talked about what to do.  I’d thought of skiing, shopping, trying to find the “perfect” perfume, test driving new SUV’s, eating at Paula’s or Joseph Decuis…..what did we decide to do…..drum roll please……stay home and relax with Pizza King carry out and a movie.  Hudson’s hoping for “Leave It To Beaver” or “Dick Van Dyke”, and you know, that sounds just right to me too! 






  A little while ago, I was able to take senior pictures of a friend of the family.  It made me feel rather old, because I remember H. coming over to our house with her dad when she was little.  She was a lot of fun to photograph,  and as you can see below, I think we both enjoyed it!


4 thoughts on “life at a frantic pace

  1. Happy Birthday Amy!!!! Hope you have fun whatever you do tonight!! Do you have pictures from the father/son camp out? Matt and Ladan had a great time. Thanks so much for putting that together. Once again–Happy Birthday!! julie 🙂


    1. I just have a couple that clint took….of the tents! I’ll try to do better next year! Hey, we have a bag of unclaimed clothes from the campout also – are you missing any?


  2. Happy birthday!! i will be your age in about a week and a half and brenda will catch up to you next week. I will never forget the 3 of us share our birthday month. and i think pizza king and movie sounds perfect!!


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