birthday boy

  Hudson’s birthday was Sunday, and guess what kind of a party he choose…..

hudson's party b

  We had a great time with Hudson and his friends.  While eating supper, I asked the boys some questions:

What’s your favorite color?
   H:  red, dark orange, green and blue   (man, hope he didn’t forget one)
   C:  Yellow, and I like red too
   B:  Blue

What makes you sad?
  H:  When you leave me, and get mad at me
  C:  When people hit me and stuff like that
  B:  When my mom and dad leave me

What’s your favorite thing to do with your Daddy?
   H:  wrestle and watch cartoons
   C:  watch a show
   B:  watch movies

What is your favorite thing to eat?
   C:  Reese’s
   B:  Hot dogs
   H:   Cheesy noodles and hot dogs and bread and peas (mr. descriptive)

Why do you love your Mommy?
   C:  because she cleans up the kitchen
   B:  she makes supper
   H:  she hops in bed with me

What makes you laugh?
   B:  when people start laughing
   H:  hudaluda duh duh  (brilliant)
   C:  watching banana’s and pajamas

What do you want to do when you grow up?
   C:  be a marshmallow
   H:  Work at daddy’s shop
   B:  work in my daddy’s shop

Who do you want to marry when you’re big?
   C:  a potato
   H:  krista
   B:  my dad

What’s your favorite song?
   C:  “I love you”   (the barney song, which he then proceeded to sing for us)
   B:  “Jesus loves me”  (what a spiritual little boy)
   H:  “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything (of coarse)

What’s your favorite animal?
   B:  cows
   C:  A giraffe
   H:  lions and tigers and zebras

How many brothers and sisters do you think your mommy will have?
   C:  twelve  (poor jessica!)
   B:  a bunch of babies  (make that jessica and erin!)
   H:  two

What makes your Daddy mad?
   C:  when my poop comes out in my pants
   B:  When I don’t eat
   H:  When I don’t go to sleep

hudson's party

6 thoughts on “birthday boy

  1. Love it, Amy! Carter is still talking about how much fun he had! Thanks so much for inviting him. I’m so glad you posted the questionnaire. We got such a good laugh out of that! 12?? WHAT???


  2. Wow, Carter has some HIGH aspirations… (wants to be marshmallow and marry a potato). this cracked me up! And what cute pictures of the three boys (almost makes me want triplets….yeah just kiddin’)


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