nine and counting….

days, that is – sick days, long days, grouchy days, patience growing days. 

poor little cline has been in pretty rough shape, but i really wanted to get his 18 month pictures taken when he was really 18 months. 

i’m convinced that the biggest challange a photographer can face is trying to get a decent picture of their own children.  i usually start out very nice, then can turn to bribbing, and then i get stern…..pretty exhausting!

i wiped cline’s nose, washed his eyes (he was screaming) and hauled him outside, which he always loves

i guess not so much when he’s sick.  but not to worry!  i borrowed a cute little toy from grandma moser that he’s just going to love

well, at least hudson loved it, and he thinks it’s really funny to try to drive over his mother (*notice my foot in the picture)

i learned from that fallure, and the next morning i made sure that cline’s motrin had kicked in strong. And once i figured out that he hates grandma moser’s catapillar, things went a little smoother.  he sure loves his car, though!

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