a “new” room

  For Hudson’s birthday, we painted and decorated his room to make it “Pirate-y”.  The boy’s spent the night at mymom’s so that I could work on this transformation.
  Now Clint think’s that I”ll eventually have to give up, but at this point, I still am rather particular when it comes to decorating my house, so we had to figure out somthing that would flip not only my switch, but Hudson’s too!  But we managed, and I think that we’re both rather pleased with the way things turned out.

  Also, little brother Cline moved into the bottom bunk, so we had to come up with a solution for Hudson’s legos which had been in the top bunk out of Cline’s reach.  I saved a desk bottom from the dumpster, and then cut down and stained an old door for the desk top, and viola –  a cheap lego table with storage boxes beneath to keep the lego sets organized.

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