christmas times a comin’

   I better not post many from this adorable session as some are for christmas card’s, but here’s one – ummm better make that two – of my favorites.

  As a side note, if you’re needing a beautiful christmas tree, Tim Murray’s got a bunch to choose from!

3 thoughts on “christmas times a comin’

  1. Amy….Awesome 🙂 I saw the rest on flickr and these are great! You must have got a new lens or something new??? You have some amazing shots lately. Love It!


    1. I have been making the switch to using mainly prime lenses instead of zooms, and I love it! I think the main thing is getting the correct lighting, exposure and focus….somthing I’ll always have to work on….


  2. Yes! I recently have gotton a prime as well, and it does take some getting used to but you look like your doing great! Love to look at your work! Have a great Holiday!


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