I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but one of the things  that I love about Christmas (and I know this is rather materialistic) is giving and yes, getting gifts. 
  Months before Christmas is even here, I’m working on my Christmas list.  I’m usually very specific; this catalog, this page, this color, this size, or sometimes I write down the exact web address.  I know, I know, a little controlling and not very much “Christmas spirit,” but hey it usually works pretty well.
  This year though, I got an early gift, one that wasn’t even on my list, and I know that it’s my favorite Christmas gift ever!

  On Thursday, the boys and I went to my regular pre-natal checkup.  I was expecting to be in and out in about 15 minutes.  Dr. Park thought that I was measuring a little bit smaller than she’d likes to see, so she sent me upstairs for an ultra sound.  Because we weren’t on the schedule, we had to wait over an hour to get in.  Then they sent us back downstairs to talk to Dr. Park.  Again, we had to wait and wait. 
  The boys were such troupers, watching TV and reading books, but even that was getting a little old.  Finally, we were able to talk to the doctor again.  She told me that my amniotic fluid was low, and that our baby had dropped in size from the 35% to the 5%. 

“We’d like to start you early” Dr. Park told me. 
“When were you thinking?” I asked, expecting her to say in a couple weeks.
“Right now.”

  I was able to go home and get the boys packed up, and also my bags ready, and then Clint and I headed back up and checked ourselves in to the OB.

  On Friday, December 17 at 6:31 am, little Sunny Elizabeth arrived.  Her middle name is special to us becaus three of her four great-grandma’s have that same middle name.  Sunny was four weeks early weighing 4 pounds 13 ounces.  She had to spend a little time in NICU, but now is doing great, and we were able to come home on Sunday.  We’re all very in love with out little bitty bundle!

  Oh, and just to help you put her size into perspective, the box is 6″x6″, and Sunny fit inside quite nicely.

  I’m not sure what the official age is to take newborn pictures when the baby is a preemie, so I think I’ll just take a few every week for the next few weeks so we can see how much she grows.

6 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. Amy she is beautiful I can’t stand that I have not seen her yet but maybe that will be my little Christmas gift. I am feeling better. lol see you soon


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