our growing girl

  3 weeks old, and 5 pounds 7 ounces – yay!  (wish I could be that excited when I gained a pound…)

  Yesterday, Grandma Kay stopped in and picked up the boys to come play at her house, so that meant that I got a to stay home and have fun taking pictures like I’d been planning to do all week – time does have a way of getting away from a person. 

  I got everything set up, but little Sunny wasn’t going for it.  I wanted her to sleep, she wanted to be awake.  I rocked her, sang to her, fed her, but finally just gave up and took the pictures anyway.  Oh well….I think she’s was kinda cute with her little peepers open 🙂


 i think she’s drifting off……………or maybe it was snowflakes hitting her eyes………….

nope, awake again.  But I think that this picture is almost my favorite;  that’s just how she looks up at me when I’m holding her

  Finally, after I had the wintery set all put away and fake snow swept up, Sunny finally drifted off.  


4 thoughts on “our growing girl

  1. Hey Amy Congratulations! I check out your pics. from time to time & really enjoy your work. Your little girl is beautiful, my little Nora was 5 lb 7 oz. when she was born & it made my heart melt to see Sunny in these pics. at 5.7.
    Enjoy your little bundle…she’s precious.


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