Hello world….


….sorry you haven’t heard from me in so long, but I’ve been pretty busy lately with important things like eating, puking, talking, smiling, puking, rolling over, putting things in my mouth, puking,  well, you know, baby things.

Mommy calls me her Sunny Bunny, and my brothers fight over who’s turn it is to hold me.  Daddy loves me to the moon and back, and he say’s that we’ll have even more fun together when I get a little bigger, and that’s all right with me.  I’ve got it pretty good!

In case you don’t know, I’m six months old now.  Mommy say’s that she want to take all kinds of pictures of me when we’re at the lakes, but here’s a few of me at home in my favorite outfit



And here I am getting ready for vacation.  I’m not really laying out, just posing for mommy.



Goodnight world


2 thoughts on “Hello world….

  1. She is SOO precious. It was weird I glanced at that first picture before I read anything, and thought, “hm..I wonder why she is putting old pictures of Cline up.” 🙂 They must resemble each other. adorable!!


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