my hero


Grandma Mary went home to be with Jesus this past Saturday after a battle with ALS ( Lou Gehrig’s ).
My two year old, Cline, asked me, “Grandma sick?”  And I could honestly answer, “No buddy.  She’s in heaven with Jesus, and she will never be sick again.”



I don’t think a person could have a better Grandma.  She had this way of making sure that everyone felt loved, and would give just the sweetest, sincerest compliments.  I want to be like her when I grow up.



It’s been so neat to see the soft side of Grandpa these last few weeks too.  He took such good care of Grandma, and their love and commitment is an inspiration to me.


Looking back, I’m filled with memories of slumber parties, dancing to music on the record player, Grandma singing silly little songs like “The Little Blue Man” and “The Burger Bear”, playing her Ukulele, enjoying a bottomless candy jar at her house, “painting” the deck with water and toothbrushes, and the little silver metal cup that made the water at Grandma and Grandpa’s house taste oh so good.


My little Sunny Elizabeth with her Great-Grandma Mary Elizabeth.  I love you forever

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