school pictures

School pictures have come such a long way.

I remember one year way in my past practicing my smile for weeks so that it would be just perfect for that one quick “shot” that would forever after tell people what I looked like at a certain age – kinda cruel in the middle school years (or as me and my sister’s sometimes call them, our ugly years) of a gal’s life.

True confession, I onetime purposely sent my pen pal an old school picture because I thought looked so much prettier in that one than the updated one.  (Is that really what I looked like?  *insert shudder* At least my mom loved me!) Man, I’m glad I don’t have to go back the stress of all that 🙂

Anyhow, it’s so fun to be able to take school pictures for other people now, and let them have choices! And I just love choices…..maybe I do want to go back in time and do a few re-takes….either that or burn a few choice photographs




3 thoughts on “school pictures

  1. awe, man! Amy I was hoping to see a few of those pics! You can’t talk about them and make us curious with out showing us a few!!!! 😉

    j/k….these pics are beautiful!


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