birthday boy


For Hudson’s 6th birthday, I turned into “paparazzi mama”



after Hudson’s favorite breakfast, (Cinnamon Roll Pancakes) he opened a gift from Cline.

*Note Cline’s dismayed expression upon realizing the candy is for Hudson


Hudson tried unsuccessfully to convince me that you don’t do school on your birthday

*the helmet, a gift from Grandma, must have great visibility.


After school, Hudson waited for Daddy to come home and take him out for lunch at the restaurant of his choice.  Now Hudson may not look like me, but he does have my fine taste buds – Dairy Queen – smart boy!



then, what Hudson had been waiting for all day long – the pirate ship park (aka the Vera Cruz park) with his buddies



Clint get’s a kick out of asking the boys questions, and writing down their answers.   One of my favorites was when Clint asked the boys who they thought they would marry someday.  The all busted up laughing, and Carter exclaimed, “embarrassing!”.  Brett got a quizzical look on his face, and asked “what’s that (embarrassing) mean?”


and lastly, the traditional race.

Happy Birthday Hudson!

2 thoughts on “birthday boy

  1. Carter sure had a great time. He said the swingset was his favorite part. I’m thankful for his friendship with the Hudsonator. And Jess and I are thankful for your friendship as well 🙂


    And tell Clint to stop asking my boy embarrassing questions!


  2. it looks like he had a great birthday!! i love the cake!! soooo creative!! and those questions/answers will be so funny to look back on in the years to come!!


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