birthday chronicles part 2

With Christmas so close, Clint didn’t think that we had to do much for Sunny’s birthday – nice try babe!

Meanwhile I had been dreaming of pink and ruffles and making a cake that didn’t have anything to do with Pirate’s for way too long.   Add to that the fact that it seems like we tend to go all out for the first child, not quite so much for the second, and then the third…..well, you get the picture.  I didn’t want a forgotten third child.

Now cake making and decorating isn’t my strong suit; two of my sisters seem to have gotten all the genes there, but I sure did have fun trying!



I used this recipe for Fluffy Vanilla Cake, spread red raspberry preserves between the layers, and iced it all with White Chocolate Icing.   The recipes both came from Sweetapolita, a website  I would highly recommend if you don’t mind using massive amounts of sugar and butter.  But hey, butter’s way better than any fake substitute!

Some of my cake layers did rise and then fall in the center as they cooled – not sure what I did wrong. *Sigh.  I googled this symptom, and came up with everything from “baked cake too long” to “didn’t bake cake long enough”…, what a big help………  I ended up just leveling the layers with a large knife before I stacked it all together, and that worked out ok.


I added one drop of red gel food coloring to layer number 2, another drop for layer 3 and so on



I don’t know whether it was the feminine pink color or possibly the ruffles, but while Sunny and I loved the cake, much to my chagrin the boys, (Clint included) preferred the little iced cookies from WalMart.  That hurts 😉


I can now officially say that we have celebrated Sunny’s birthday, and not have to deal with any “Guilty Mommy” syndrome.  And after having two parties, (the first one shared with cousin Case ) I think Sunny is partied out too.

Whew – now we can move on to Christmas!


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