maybe a little over ambitious

My darling is leaving for Haiti on a work team.

He seems a little worried about how we’ll get along without him.

I have big plans, or should I say, a very large to-do list

*2 photo sessions
*reupholster chair

*strip and refinish a chest of drawers
* order all 2011 personal pictures
*start our 2012 album
*paint bathroom
*repaint bathroom vanity
*start making Sunny’s church bag 
*catch up baby books 

Yes, I’m serious, and yes, I will still have 3 kiddos at home with me.  Yes we will still be doing school and eating and cleaning and all the other normal things…..

Can you tell that I’m an optimist?

2 thoughts on “maybe a little over ambitious

  1. YAAAAY! I can finally subscribe to your blog in Google Reader! For whatever reason I couldn’t before, but am so glad that I’ll now be notified when you have a new post. (I’m only slightly obsessed with your photos…okay completely obsessed!) Also, I must say that great minds think alike. I have been planning Eden’s first birthday party and had almost an identical cake of the one your made Sunny planned out in my head…varying tinted layers and all! AND I have been dying to make Eden and dollie lately, so I was ooohing and ahhing tonight when I read that post. Okay, really long comment. I’ll stop now!


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