project #1


and they’re (I’m) off and running!

To be truthful, it’s more like off at a trot and huffing and puffing.

* order all 2011 personal pictures  


*2 photo sessions

This one is only partially crossed off because one sessions was of these was of my brand new beautiful niece.   She wasn’t in a very photogenic mood.  We may take  more latter.


Meanwhile, here’s a few pics I found as I was sorting through last years snapshots to make you smile.  Some were taken with my little point and shoot, one my cell phone, a couple my good camera; very imperfect, but great memories.



It takes a pretty focused Dad to be able to read a Bible story with Super Man around your neck



Just a tip to the other mom’s out there, if your son ever starts yelling “It snowed” while it’s still summer, you better go investigate

I’m not sure why Cline has his pj shorts on his head……judging by the hair sticking out the top, maybe a bad hair day?

Vacation memories.
Anything to do with warmth and sunshine makes me smile right now


Hudson’s a complex person;  sometimes sweet……


……………..and sometimes very fierce

I could just eat him up

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