week in review

In the past, I haven’t done a great job getting my camera out and just taking snapshots. I taken more pictures for other families than my own. Once the camera is out, there’s this internal switch inside me that seems to go into photographer mode as opposed to mommy mode, and I kinda get into my own little world.  I get perfectionist, and take wayyyyyy too many images, aiming for that perfect shot in my mind somewhere.  This creates a lot of work and frustrated kiddos….


But this year, I’m going to be different – or at least try to improve – I hope.  I’ve been leaving my camera bag out, and the goal is to use it every day on just the normal things that go on in our life.  I’m still creating little photographic challenges for myself; this month, it’s been manually focusing my camera.  Next month, I’m going to try and use a light meter each time.  And as the year goes, the pictures are going into a photo book that will get printed at the end of the year.  The boys are already having fun looking through the online version of the book and laughing at themselves.  Just to warn you, these aren’t perfect pictures, they’re not all artsy,  but they’re real, they’re us, and to Clint and I, pricless.  (confession, I still take too many pictures;  maybe that should be my March challenge.)

How about you?  Anyone else need to improve in this, or am I a little on the unusual side.  Ok, maybe don’t have to answer that last part….


Here’s a recap of our week.

 daddy’s home from haiti!



  our ornery little boy


    fun in a box


it’s never too young to start good oral hygiene habits


now me look neat!”  cline’s comment after putting on his favorite outfit; football jersey, pj shorts (he’s convinced they’re football pants) and cleats


miss courageous (a little sarcasm here) masters the stairs – going up the stairs that is




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