catching up

As you may remember, I had quite a to do list while Clint was gone.   No, I didn’t do it all, but looking on the bright side, I did get most of them crossed off!


One of the first projects that I tackled was repainting the bathroom walls and vanity.  This was a little hard, because once I started thinking about what I really liked, it was hard to settle for the most economical route – paint, not remodel.  I just love all white rooms in pictures, so I tried an all white bathroom – didn’t like it – at all, and I’m not sure why – grrrrr. Repainted the walls – much better.



I can’t decide whether to leave the floral shower curtain, or get a white linen one – any opinions?  I’m a little afraid that an all white shower curtain might look like I hung up a sheet…..


The next project was recovering an old leather chair that we’d had for years.  As the boys and I started pulling out the millions of nails to take this thing apart,  the old leather fabric and stuffing started crumbling all over; I did have to wonder if this had been a good idea.  Once we got it apart, we realized that the chair had actually been partially stuffed with straw – how cool is that?!   ( Clint wasn’t impressed when I told him this either )
I was picturing a “beachy” look for this chair, with the wood almost looking like sun bleached driftwood, so I started by stripping down the wood arms and legs.  I had fabric on hand to recover the seat and back with, but we did have to get new foam and cotton for the stuffing.  At a local upholstery shop, a cute little old man did this for me for about $20.

Then came the fun part – trying to get it all back together.

After sitting on the floor with a staple gun in one hand, attempting to pull the fabric tight with the other hand, holding the chair firm by wrapping my legs around it, I realized that I needed my wonderful hubby.  This project wasn’t  to happen by myself.   Clint to the rescue – in one evening we got it mostly done.

All in all, reupholstering a chair is possible, but takes 2 people, some patience, persistence and time.

It’s not perfect, but pretty good – good enough for me!


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