the week that was

something I read  has been running through my mind so much lately…… only have one life to live; don’t mess it up.  It’s been inspiring me to slow down, snuggle longer, laugh harder, and to look around an embrace what really matters.  If you know me, then you know that the “slow down” part doesn’t come very natural!
It seems like all of this has become rather popular to say, but making it actually happen is so much harder.  When you stop and think about what we ask each other, it says a lot about what we actually value…

been busy lately?”  “what’d you get done to day?”  “Have a lot of plans for weekend?”  

So I’m going to try and give myself permission to sit down and maybe do nothing at all – just for a little moment.  And sorry for rambling on…………


Here are some of our sweet nothings from the past week



sunday morning snuggles



a typical morning


growing new toothers hurts!


poor girl has got nothing to wear


one foggy morning



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