last week…..

this girl gets very excited for food – especially when it’s a treat like a granola bar – notice her checking to make sure that she still has a bite for each hand




digging for toys


mondays can start awfully rough…..but they usually get better


since before hudson was born, there have been some gals and our kiddos who eat at the corner depot once a week.  we’re not quite as regular as we used to be, but it’s still a treat.  hudson has now “graduated” from the corner depot club, and now gets to spend the time at the shop with daddy.


betcha didn’t know that we have an indoor race track in our home.  the main events are foot races and horse races


in school we studied ester, so we celebrated purim complete with ethnic food, king xerses, haman and queen ester


for what seemed like forever, cline’s favorite book has been “the little engine that could.”   he wanted it read every day before bed, and would ask the same questions, and catch you if you tried and skip a page.   but since he’s chosen out a new favorite, i’m wishing for the good ol’ days back


there’s excitement in the house when daddy goes to walmart……usually means that he’ll come home with a few “extras” like sugar laced frosted flakes.  better savor every bite there buddy!



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