the last two items on my winter to-do list checked off – hooray!!!!

now it’s on to spring cleaning, but first I’m going to enjoy my “extra” day since it is February 29 after all



this antique piece of furniture, not quite sure what to call it,  I’ve had since before I was married.  It was a yellowish wood color, and I didn’t really care for it.  So, it got stripped down, bleached, a tiny bit of pickling, and then sealed.  Oh, and Clint cut paint mask for the numbers.  I’m going to fill it with Sunny’s special things, and someday, when she leaves home, it will be hers.  (sniff sniff)



and finally I got Sunny’s church bag made.  I based it off of this pattern, but I gotta warn you that the instructions are frustratingly vague.  I did downsize it, but it’s still bigger than I had in mind;  oh well, room for more cheerios.  My hat is off to you gals out there who make purses all the time.  It’s a job!


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