times past

cousins make the bestest of friends




when friends come over, love and war reign


cline told me that he was a general, and then proceeded to fold his hands behind his back and pace back and forth.   


when you ride a bike, you need to concentrate


when you don’t concentrate, something like this could happen


when i look out my window, i see the animal lovers of the family


life with cline is very dramatic.  his world is very imaginative and expressive.  

throwing a fit in the corner

    pouting in the closet



cline’s sense of style


i walk into the kitchen and spy the pile of toilet paper on the table.

cline – “sorry”   mommy – “why did you do that?”
cline – “i wanted a bracelet.”  (the tube in the center of the roll)
mommy – “you made a mess….you need to tall mommy sorry.”
cline – “I did already”  (true)
mommy – “you need to clean up the mess that you made.”

cline piles and smashes all the toilet paper together and stuffs it in the trash can.  “that was easy!” he happily exclaims!


the boys favorite thing to do – play with legos
    sunnys favorite thing to do – eat


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