week in review

cruising to grandma’s house.  hudson told me that he think’s he looks like a star in his sun glasses.  maybe we should do a bible study on humility….




i just love bath time


there are so many things about being a mommy that i think i’ll look back and miss someday.  hearing “i’m done mommy!” isn’t one of them!



i love to try new, different looking recipes.  there are times when the ingredients are so unique that i can’t even imagine what it will taste like.   this avocado breakfast pudding was one of those recipes.  it was described as having a “buttery” flavor – i like butter.   i had in pinned in the “tasty” category of my pinterest account, but this stuff was NOT tasty.

hudson took a bite and wiped his tongue off on a napkin.
 i took a enthusiastic bite, and almost gagged.
lucky cline was still in bed
little sunny gobbled it right up – poor child



hudson-hood and cline-hood.   yes, cline looks very uncomfortable, and yes, hudson is pouting because mommy wouldn’t let him get the sprinkler out.



gotta love eighty degree march days that feel like summer 

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