a week that whizzed by



hudson and cline ordered lego guys as a reward for memorizing all their bible verses.  they were on back order, but finally came.  carter and hudson instantly tore into the package



cline catches wind of this, gasp, and runs very quickly with his mouth in a perfect O (after watching the movie, “The Incredibles” he’s a self proclaimed dash) 





what time is it mr. fox?



sunday night – i love it that the boys choose to sleep together in the bottom twin size bunk




why repairmen fear coming to our house – and possibly why they still haven’t come back to finish the job



she’s not as innocent as she looks (insert loud yells from trapped brother)



bestest big brothers



what little girl wouldn’t wake up happy when her big brother gets her up dressed like this and says, “howdy partner”  (don’t worry, i don’t correlation between the outfit and the cowboy talk either)




  anniversary getaway 




the ceiling in our room (on the second floor) was 15-16 feet high







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