the week behind us

we don’t have bacon very often – i’m not a big fan, it’s messy, stinks up the house, and not all that healthy.  but i did feel a little bad when i noticed hudson closing his eyes in pure enjoyment every time he took a bit of bacon for breakfast.



on the way to berne for groceries, i decided to condense trips and get flowers also.  moderation has never been one of my strong suits, and by the time we even got to the grocery store (i saved that for last – important things first, you know) the only space left in our mini van was under sunny’s feet, and the front passenger seat.



we had quite the culteral experience when we watched uncle steve roping steers.  steve had me stand inside the ring.  when i asked if it was safe, he told me “sure, just jump on the fence if they come your way.”  great



this shaky one is the picture i snapped as i was leaping on the fence 


    at the park


cline’ s drawing of blackbeard and his helper



it’s pretty natural to remind your kids to wear a coat;  we’re learning with cline we need to be a little more specific


and yes, in case you’re wondering, sunny still prefers “walking” on her knees

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