week #43

clint sacrificially gave up his sunday afternoon nap to put together one of cline’s birthday presents.  little did he know, but there were well over 300 itty bitty unmarked pieces with only a teensie weensie  picture for assembly instructions.  notice the firm set to his jaw?  enough said.


 “mommy, i’m all ready for arizona.”  cline announced.  
i didn’t pay him much mind until i noticed that he had emptied the lockers off all his clothes – gracious


headed out to feed the kitties, so early in the morning


someday i’m sure sunny will be a wonderful help in the kitchen……someday…….


at the airport


arizona cousins


on saturday, we drove to the base of a mountain that had ancient indian petroglyphs at the top.  we slightly underestimated the cactus, thistle plants and the lack of a path.  we slightly overestimated our small kiddos.
sunny alternated between clint and i.
cline alternated between crying when he was walking and clint.  

at least we found some petroglyphs



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