week #49

i’ve always thought it’s important for a girl to know self defence.  

  actually, i’ve always wanted to take karate lessons, but it’s yet to happen….maybe someday.  i can just image, me at 60 in yoga pants, slightly pouchy, kicking and punching.  yikes.  maybe i better move that up on my list.





the weather has turned colder, but i think hudson may be overreacting a bit – he definitely inherited the fiechter cold gene


we all get so excited when there’s a box outside the door;  me for whats inside, and the boys for the box itself.


it’s so great to have hudson growing up.
    i was in my pjs, and needed a package carried out to the mailbox.  he took this job so seriously; standing by the road watching for cars for at least a minute, and then sprinting across the road and repeating the drill 


   i love wrapping presents and placing them under the tree.  the only problem is that it does make me a little sad to pull them out and give them away – pathetic, i know 


  oh my, this girl is trouble; and if she’s quiet, i’m in trouble 
    i asked hudson and cline to help me keep an eye on her, because i’m afraid that she’ll hurt herself.  hudson replied, “why, can’t you handle it?”  –  smart alick  

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