believe it or not, photography can be a dangerous hobby; and sometimes, when i’m balancing with one foot on the top of a ladder to get the “perfect” shot, I think it could almost be considered an extreme sport.  (ok, maybe that’s pushing it, but it is a great workout!)

take the other day for instance;  here we are in a junk yard taking beautiful Christmas pictures, risking life and limb by climbing on rusted out vehicles that we could fall through at any moment…..


…..when all of a sudden, i simultaneously notice tianne’s horrified expression and hear a fierce barking.  i turn, and there’s a mean looking junk yard dog heading straight for me.  i’m not sure what my sisters were afraid about; they were partially protected, and there i was, an easy meal for a hungry beast.



wouldn’t you know, the dog’s bark (which we experienced) was much worse than its bite. (which fortunately, we didn’t experience)

turns out, as long as we kept throwing a slimy, slobbery, rusted off tailpipe for “butch” to play fetch with, he was nice  as could be.  phew!





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