2013 week #5

sunday snuggles….we’re quickly outgrowing our bed.  when i asked hudson where the new baby could fit when it’s born, he thought awhile, and then decided, “it can just stay in the crib.”



even though this new recipe that we’d heard about from holly made excessively huge cookies, hudson still had his eye on the biggest one



mirror mirror on the wall….



just one way we survive the winter in a modestly sized home, yes, even without a basement



i was super excited to get our 2012 photo book.  it took a lot of time, but it’s worth it; the boys just love looking at it, and i’m sure that sunny would too, but she’s not real trustworthy



if you’re getting a little bored with your normal picture taking, there’s something called “freelensing” where you don’t have your lens attached to your camera, but instead tip it slightly until you get the look you want – fun!



sunny’s very good at climbing up, but also very cautious about getting down.  “down mommy, down mommy!”




from cline.  he’s very fascinated with the police.  pulling out of the driveway one day, he gasped, “buckle me so i don’t get ‘ressted!”



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