2013 week #30

in case anyone was worried, yes, we’re still alive.

we spent the week packing and moving into a rental about 3 miles down the road, unpacked, then packed back up for a week at the lakes with the gerbers followed with a week at the lakes with the fiechters.  (pictures to come)  i feel so humbled and blessed by all who helped us pack, move, dropped off meals, babysat and prayed – thank you so much.

coming home from the lakes, i got emotional driving past our old home.  we’ll always have so many happy memories from there; i have this feeling that we’ll look back with a twinge of envy on our “simple” but oh so blessed life at 5552 E 100 N.  good-bye sweet but little, just right for us then farm house.  




hello to our rental farm house – home for the next several months



mom gerber babysat for the kiddos while the large items were moved over.  when they got back at bedtime, we all sat down and celebrated our first night in our new home with sparkling grape juice and chocolate



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