2013 week #32

8.3.13 – 8.10.13

webster lake with the fiechters – a ton of pictures ’cause we have a ton of people, and lots of really cute little people (i ‘m talking about the kiddos here, not my short self)  and who can resist them?

webster 1

my sisters and i wanted to get a water skiing picture. we met with some resistance – to quote clint, “this is going to be a disaster.” but we were not discouraged. 

since it’s a little hard to come by 8 ski ropes and 8 pairs of ski’s, we took this picture in groups of 4.  it took a lot of patience from my darling hubby and wonderful father to untangle all the ropes and skis and bodies, but they managed to bear with us.  thanks guys!

webster ski

than skiing with multiple ski ropes tied together

webster 3


our last minute attempt at a family picture – yes, bribery and threats were necessary.  we got a couple very “real” ones, and just one where we all look pleasant.  (i think my hair looks kinda weird, but hey, it’s vacation, and who needs to comb their hair anyway, right?)  

webster 4
webster 5




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