Alli ’14

to say that it was a treat to get a little break from small children would be an understatement.

then if you add to it one of the sweetest and cutest gals ever, (and family) you’ve got a recipe for a great evening.

as you can tell by the lighting, we photographed until the sun went down, and then it was back to the real world.  putting the kiddos to bed, (and back to bed, and back to bed again ) assuring them that nothing would come out of the closet to eat them, no, of course a bat wouldn’t come and bite them, ( admittedly i was on  edge too after the fore-mentioned creepy, furry flying thing showed up in my room the night before ) and giving and getting sweet little hugs and kisses.

i love my life


alli 1

alli 2
alli 3

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