my cline

to my cline; the 5 year old with the softest cheeks, the most tender and compassionate heart – the snuggliest of them all


cline 1
cline 2


cline just hates to get his pictures taken; i tried to tell him that i needed some so that we would know what he looked like when he was five.  i bribed him and said that he could choose his own clothes out, do what he wanted, and we could take them in the out building on the farm that he calls “the blacksmith shop.”  

things went well for all of 60 seconds, and then this easily distractible boy was off exploring, counting mouse traps and touching all sorts of dirty objects.  when i’d try and redirect his energies, he quickly informed me that i wasn’t upholding my end of the deal.  (the “you can do whatever you want for pictures” part) 

phew!  glad that we’re done for another year!

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