2013 year end

a week of Christmas gatherings – we are so blessed

we had our small family “home” christmas on Sunday.  The kiddos were so excited.  Clint and I had to repeatedly remind them that no, we were not opening presents until after supper; i think we about set a speed record for fastest supper ever eaten as a result.

the boys were thrilled with spy glasses and green bay packers shirts, sunny was ever so happy about just opening presents, and wren just chilled on the couch

christmas 1


christmas at my grandparents houses is still one of the highlights of my year – it’s a pretty full house, but i just love it

at my folks, it was so fun to watch all the grandkids interact with each other….and steal each others new gifts 😉 

christmas 2


and the highlight of Christmas at mom and dad gerber’s was a surprise visit from santa.  

poor santa – all those milk and cookies on christmas eve seemed to be sitting pretty heavy

christmas 3

the cutest little nativity with the moser family (hudson was the only one brave enough to make an appearance from our family)



for new years eve,  nick and jessica kindly opened up their home again to 5 couples and over 20 kiddos….here’s our crew (minus our 2 shy ones)

the dad’s were so great with the kiddos, dressing up and “fighting” them.  

nathan had the kids full attention while he did a devotion that involved an egg and a microwave…….you can guess what happened to the egg.  (and, as sunny keeps talking about again and again, nathan’s shirt, and neck; not to mention the lights and walls……)




happy new year


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