2014 week #8

the upcoming cub scout derby race appears to have both clint and hudson in a muddle



mom fiechter kindly kept my three oldest kiddos all day and over night while i worked on finishing floors in the new house.  mom gerber (who lives conveniently close) watched baby wren so that i could just run and feed her when she (wren, that is) was hungry.
upon returning home for the night (after getting stuck at the end of our lane and having to carry the carseat loaded with wren in the twilight through the drifts to the house) i found many emailed pictures from mom gerber;  glad they both had fun!



day #2 of working on the floors.  we’re doing a different finish (special wood soap, white lye and then a white oil) so it’s been a bit of a learning experience.  i love how they turned out, but am glad that i didn’t have a clue how long the whole process would take.  definitely couldn’t have done it without help from my dad to run the possessed floor buffer.  

the pictures don’t really do the floor justice…but here you go any-ho



building a house has felt like a marathon and we’re in the last leg now.  it’s exciting to finally see the end in sight, but we’re all rather tired and there are oh so many little things to be done.
   whenever i need to run to the new house, sunny wants to come along and see “my pink room”



lego crazies – enter their room at your own risk


sunny and i made some pillows for her new bed.  she was just loving sitting on my lap as i sewed, pulling pins out and trying to guide the fabric.  



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