2014 week #21

05.18.14 cousins b-day party – i think our kiddos had just as much fun as the birthday girls IMG_0789 IMG_0724e IMG_0731 IMG_0809

05.19.14 monday morning laundry assistants


05.20.14 going, going…..

IMG_0864 gone IMG_0865

05.21.14 sunshine, boxes, boys and a hose – could life get any better?


05.22.14 cline won our families “march madness” brackets, so he decided to use his winnings to purchase his dream car – the razor 360 flash



05.23.14 little mischief maker …. as one girlie is starting to improve, the other is growing into it.  judging by the expression on wren’s face, it doesn’t seem like she’s feeling much remorse either


05.24.14 my heart just melted when i went upstairs to kiss the boys goodnight and found them snuggled in the same bed while hudson read a book to cline.  


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