2014 week #24

06.08.24 hudson and i got hit hard with a cold bug – can’t remember the last time that it was he and i who had to stay home from church IMG_1401

06.09.14 who would have thought that one day i would think shopping with just two-in-tow is easy breezy


06.10.14 my “practice” model while i set up to take vbs pictures IMG_1455

06.11.14 when grandma babysits………life is good IMG_2434

06.12.14 under mommy and daddy’s bed IMG_1409

06.13.14 domino train IMG_1403_1

there was once a mommy who unknowingly bought her little girl new sandals – squeaker sandals


the little girls daddy quickly stated that these shoes were to never leave the house due to the unseemly noise and embarrassment created

not discouraged, the little girl made the best of it and happily “squeaked” the days away

IMG_2447 IMG_2454 IMG_2467 IMG_2456

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