2014 week #30

can i sleep on the couch”
“no – go back to bed sunny”
“but i had a bad dream, and it’s still in there!”



look mom, a science experiment…..rice krispies with chocolate milk!”   (i wonder if we could count this “educational experience” for a day of school?)


despite the fact that cline and hudson go through stacks of paper daily,  hudson tells me that he hates to draw



wells county 4-h fair.  sunny quickly learned that while it may be ok to pet the rabbits, the roosters are not quite as friendly to fingers



grandpa fiechter has a tic-tac-toe game the boys look forward to playing with him; at grandpa earl and grandma pat’s it’s the game “sequence” that they love to play



mommy, there’s an iguana in the garage!” cline hollered into the house.
not too concerned, i sent hudson out to check on it.
“it’s a really big mouse” he reported

putting the two together, iguana and really big mouse, i decided maybe it was a rat in our garage.  not wanting to be a panicy female, i made myself investigate before calling clint home.  (investigate from inside the van shining a flash light under the cabinets while hudson poked around with a broom handle.)


image my surprise and disgust when the invader was found – seems my boys have over active imaginations

i’ve always wanted a pet!” cline claimed, and so our first (then second, then third) toad pet was claimed.  their names changed by the hour from “big sherif” to “little sherif”, “buck” to “spot” to name just a few.
the boys researched on the internet and learned what kind of bugs (live crickets being a favorite) they needed to find to feed their pets.  ugh!



the first 50 times i listened to the disney hit “let it go”,  i guiltily enjoyed it, liking the tune but not the message.  unfortunately my kiddos are still loving it after what seems’s like the 1,000 time.


it’s at this point of packing for vacation every year that i’m hit with the rogue thought, “is it worth it??????”  the thought leaves, only to return with a vengeance upon return home



ahhhhh.  that blissful moment of peace before my coffee got kicked



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