2014 week #34

ahhh, the first monday of school.  


hudson insisted on taking my picture also, but since i’m the one posting here, we won’t include those 😉


my default mantra is typically “all things homemade.”

occasionally we (that is i) make an exception for oreos – much to everyone’s delight –  and nowadays, any food that everyone likes is pretty hard to come by.



grandma kay has loaned me quite a few little dresses that she wore as a baby.  




the girls daily, or multiple times a day, ask to go for a ride in the stroller to get the mail or go to grandma’s. (ok, wren just stands by the stroller and grunts, but i get the message) 




clint and i went on a bike trip to indy with my aunt and uncle and it was a blast.  seriously, it was one of my favorite trips…..anytime you combine exercise, new places to eat and great people to chat with is a sure fire winner in my book

jim and jenny, you could totally start a side business of bike tours!



oh the trials of women and their footwear.  

after trying on over 6 pairs of shoes and not finding the perfect one, wren was done.



i love fall; the creepy crawlies that come with it, not so much


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