2014 week #40

breakfast and art – maybe this could be counted as art class?




hudson’s birthday is just 4 days away, and it’s been occupying pretty much all his thoughts.  so much so, in fact that he came stumbling down in the morning and for the next hour talked of nothing else but the nightmare that he’d woke from.

it seems that hudson dreamed sunny woke him up super early on his birthday; they went downstairs and discovered a huge pile of presents.  Clint and I had only gotten him one small lego guy, grandma fiechter’s gift was a dime and grandma kay gave him two duplo guys (hey, at least there were two).  He then spotted two huge gifts, only to open them and find out it was 2 gallons of milk.  (“very disappointing”, hudson stated seriously).  uncle mitch and aunt dana gave him emmy and isle’s favorite outfit and sunny gave a kleenex since hudson had a runny nose.  to top it all, there was a very large gift from the governor.  hudson thought it would be 5 $100 bills “because he would easily have that much” .  he tore into it only to discover that it was a window.

hopefully this will all make hudson a more thankful boy when it is actually his b-day!



explorers of the fog



i love it that the kiddos draw…..and draw…..and draw………

they actually seem to prefer ink pens and plain printer paper to anything else.  (which is not a problem as long as the ink pen is used only on the paper – ah hem )

the boys usually feature some type of army guys

IMG_6393in case you can’t tell, sunny drew me, herself and wren

IMG_6392and wren, well she’s just pleased as punch to have an ink pen in her fist



on the road to missouri – besides 4 puking episodes, we made it safely and had a wonderful weekend with these guys (many more pics to come)


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