2014 missouri

we took a (long) fun road trip with our great friends nick and jessica (plus 4 of their kiddos) to visit some other of our great friends in missouri, the mueller family.



our kiddos are all great, really best friends and enjoy a lot of the same things – (i.e. legos )

saturday was a lot colder than i expected, but we still had a great time at a park on the NTI campus.  i had forgotten wren and sunny’s jackets, and tried to wrap my scarf around wren indian style….needless to say, even thought she looked strangely cute, wren couldn’t move very well so rache kindly lent me a couple of her girls’ coats.

missouri 1

missouri 2

the dad’s did devotions for the kids sunday evening at the remains of an old castle/mansion.  it involved blowing up bits of food with fireworks, so the boys thought it was way cool.  i thought the castle was way cool.
any bride out there want to drive 9 hours to get awesome wedding portraits?  it’d be perfect!

missouri 3



we headed for home on monday, very tired, but feeling very blessed to have had such a great weekend and wonderful friends.  

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