2014 week #49

very enthusiastic christmas decorator helpers



something about washi tape makes me feel so chic and creative (not to mention frugal)


decorating the christmas tree


somehow this is never the perfect family moment that i have imagined.  

hudson had his nose buried in a book, cline fell asleep and sunny was so hyper that she was running in circles.
meanwhile clint and i were discovering that not all christmas lights make it though the winter; or in our case, two seasons of being in an attic

the sleeping by the tree is also a little over-rated.  clint and i both snuck back to our bed in the middle of the night, got up in the morning and put our pillow back by our sleeping bags so the kids would never know.  

ahhhh, the wonderful memories. 



“someone” just can’t leave the christmas decorations alone. (note the stool(s) and chair(s) )


in fact, sunny has taken it all so seriously that she spanked her little cousin jade when jade pulled a few leaves off my airplants – let’s just say that i had two very emotional girls come running to me shrieking – sunny is disbelief and jade in terror




santa’s workshop



cline and sunny were having a drag-down, shout and yell, all-out fight.  i was a little confused what exactly was the cause of all this unacceptable behavior since neither of them were verbalizing their problems very well at the moment.

cline latter drew me a picture to help explain the problem



it seems that sunny came home from church with a coveted school bus shaped rubber band.  (note 2-wheeled vehicle in picture)

cline traded sunny a starburst for the rubber band (note square S in picture)

sunny had second thoughts (note the many tears on the stick sunny in picture )


just chillin’



and her obsession with shoes continues….



as we study the united states in school this year, hudson picks out a recipe a week from his state cookbook and makes it.

it takes quite a bit of self control to not help hudson out (or take over) in the kitchen…..the boys have fun, but man is it a mess!



hudson’s latest lego creation



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