2014 week #52

our small family Christmas 

for some unknown reason, cline long ago coined the phrase”chicken legs and underwear.”   it’s become quite a versatile saying in our household,  often used by the boys in place of “oh my”, “how exciting” or “wow”.
when i asked the boys what they wanted for our Christmas supper and chicken legs were requested, i added on the underwear (mashed potatoes) as a surprise bonus.





the gift i was most excited for was wren’s dollhouse.  i’ll admit that i had more fun painting and decorating it than she will have playing with it all year, but in my defense, wren (and sunny) have both been loving their dollhouse neighborhood




next we were on to Christmas at my mom and dad’s.  

sunny and raina wanted to take naps together….i snuck up the stairs and crawled into the bedroom to see how that was going


umm hmmm, not buying it girls

the kiddos counted down the minutes until the guys got off work and we could eat and open gifts – all in all a very wonderful day

IMG_9553 email


next stop, grandpa fiechters.

this was a rather bitter-sweet day; grandpa announced that we’d pretty much outgrown his house, and that this would be the last christmas eve at his house.  i guess we are over 100 now, filling every nook and cranny, but i sure don’t mind the cozy squishiness.  

sometimes practicality isn’t my favorite thing.

all of a sudden it was a day of “last” –  the last time we cram on the couch to watch an old Don Knotts movie for the 100th time, the last time the kiddos fight over the same toy that i remember playing with, last time for homemade ice cream in the basement, taping “baby sleeping” on grandpa’s office door….




Christmas day; church in the morning, come home, eat lunch, pack up and then clint’s folks for the gerber christmas

the cake started out quite lovely, but after a couple of hours clint and i were taking bets on if it would still be standing by supper time.  

oh bother



the kiddos (plus clint and keith) put on a great nativity play 



last day with tim and non

dress up is always a hit – my mom has quite a stash, and janon even dug out some of her old bridesmaid dresses – lovely (note slight sarcasm here)




loaded up for the moser christmas


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